Velocity.js User Experience Design designing systems for complex cognitive systems to optimize efficiency and lessen the cognitive load on the user. Generally broken down intostages: research/need finding, prototyping, designing, and testing/iterating. Good design requires a mixture of logic, creativity, andmindfulness. ~LENGTH 167 MM ~height 93 mm ~width 140 mm ~Vol 1260-1130 cm 3 The cerebellum handles fine and gross motor control. I believe the future of technology is in building systems that take full advantage of the complexity of human dexterity. Design should be consistent with both platform conventions and within its own system. Language should be thoughtfully chosen so that labels and links accurately express their function to the user. “Recognition rather than recall” Lessen the users’ cognitive load by providing visual clues, instructions, or building on their past experiences. Humans are visual creatures living in a 3d world that is constantly in motion, and our digital worlds should reflect that. Research first! Understand your target audience and users’ needs to design in a way that best serves the user.